Swordfish is a moderation bot for Discord that features both extensive moderation commands and a comprehensive AutoMod system.

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These are the main features that Swordfish boasts. If you are doubtful why you should use this bot, take a look below!

Ready in less than minute

Swordfish is fast and intuitive to set up. Getting the bot from newly added to fully functioning takes less than 60 seconds! After successful setup, protection is immediately active.

Strikes with precision and force

The AutoMod system swiftly detects and combats possible threats in your Discord server. This includes message flood, sending of chainmail/copypasta, NSFW links and much more.

Extensively configurable

Many components of Swordfish are fully customizable. You can set message flood detection parameters, configure what chat filters are active and the like. Custom AutoMod actions are also planned!

Active maintenance

The bot is maintained by a multicultural team, making sure that the bot works smoothly and that any issues can be resolved as swiftly as possible with minimal downtime.

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If you wish to contact us, we'd prefer if you'd do so on our Discord server, a link to it can be found below. If you require discussion in private or have enquiries that are extraordinary, here is a our team and their details.

  • Linus W.

    Project maintainer, leader
    Email: lw@swordfishbot.com
    Discord: LWTech#7575
  • Curtis F.

    Developer, administrator
    Email: cf@swordfishbot.com
    Discord: Piero#2048
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